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Rittal's general agent in China · ABOUT USProvide customers with rittal quality products and services
The English version of Rittal information is being updated in succession. For more Rittal information, please browse the "Chinese version" at the top right of this page!! Guangzhou Chengjian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional case cabinets and temperature control products integrating R&D, design, production and sales. Its products mainly include various frame profile cabinets, junction boxes, outdoor cabinets, stainless steel cabinets, operation consoles, non-standard customized cabinets, cantilevers, cabinet air conditioners, temperature control products, IT cabinets and other high-end sheet metal cabinet cabinets. The company is committed to becoming a well-known manufacturer of electrical cabinets and supporting products in the automation industry. At present, the company is engaged in equipment manufacturing, logistics automation, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic, intelligent power transmission and distribution systems, food and beverage machinery, automobile equipment manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment, rail transit, ships, etc. At the same time, we are honored to cooperate with rittal and siemens of germany to succeed as their agents in china. Cabinet solutions tailored for you In order to meet the changing market and customer needs, we have formulated a long-term talent training plan, trained a large number of technicians with years of industry experience, and provided one-to-one technical consulting and scheme design services for customers. It is our constant insistence to provide customized and personalized cabinet solutions for customers. 广州市诚建电子科技有限公司是一家集研发、设计、生产、销售为一体的专业机箱机柜、温控产品的生产厂家,产品主要涉及:各类框架型材柜、接线箱、户外机柜、不锈钢机柜、操作台、非标定制机柜、悬臂、机柜空调、温控产品、IT机柜等中高 端钣金箱体机柜。公司致力于成为自动化行业有名气的电气柜及配套产品的制造商。公司目前涉足的领域有设备制造、物流自动化、核电、风电、光伏、智能 输配电系统、食品饮料机械、汽车装备制造、环保、水处理、轨道交通、船舶等。 同时与德国rittal、德国西门子合作荣幸的成功其中国区代理商。 为您量身定制的机柜解决方案 为了应对不断变化的市场与客户需求,我们制订了长期人才培养计划,培养了一大批具备多年行业经验的技术人员, 为客户提供一对一的技术咨询及方案设计服务。为客户提供量身定制的个性化机柜解决方案是我们不变的坚持。
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